A first aid kit is a portable, mobile, emergent medical help that you can carry along with you. It helps you to be mentally prepared for circumstances you don’t want to face otherwise.

A small paper cut to big bruises, a well prepared first aid kit helps you provide assistance if there are less or no means of getting immediate professional medical help. Whether you are a parent, a travel enthusiast or just another ordinary person who is out most times, a first aid kit is just as important as carrying a vanity pouch or a water bottle.

In this blog, while we uncover the importance of a well-equipped first aid kit, we will look at what it should contain?

Here is a list of 10 things you might want to pack in your first aid kit box

  1. Band-Aids: Adhesive tapes of multiple sizes to cover bruises and cuts, preventing it from dust and further infection. Band-Aids are a must!
  2. Antiseptic wipes: Carry a pack of antiseptic wipes for cleaning wounds before applying an ointment or Band-Aid. If not a pack, carry a few more than just one!
  3. Thermometer: While you are travelling or are out for longer periods and feel feverish. Do not take any medicines before properly monitoring your body temperature! A thermometer helps you check your temperature on the go.
  4. Pain Relievers: Take a few pain relievers for common ache or discomfort. Take anti-allergies if the weather decides not to cooperate with you. Take your usual prescribed medicines for any chronic conditions like diabetes, blood pressure etc.
  5. Tweezers: This may seem like a not-so-important thing but can sometimes be of great use to remove splinters etc.
  6. Mosquito Repellent: Deciding to wear a short dress in an outdoor setting! Don’t let the mosquitoes feast on you; carry a mosquito repellent to prevent your experience turning into an itchy nightmare!
  7. Inhaler and Asthma Pump: If you suffer from a stuffy nose every now and then, pack an inhaler for the best! An asthma pump, if you are an asthma patient, is of extreme importance;if you are away from your home for longer time periods.
  8. Gauze Pads and Tape: Used to cover and secure larger bruises; keeping them safe from infections.
  9. Scissor: A small, sharp scissor can be of help in many ways. It can be used to cut gauze, tape or other materials in case of an emergency.
  10. Instant Glucose Packs: This is one very important thing to carry in case of any medical emergencies relating to low blood sugar levels.

More Information:

For other emergent medical concerns and assistance, contact San Ramon Urgent Care & Clinic at (925) 361-5959.

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