For many of us, summer is one of the best times of the year. From beach trips to cookouts, there is no shortage of outdoor activities to enjoy. But while you’re having fun, it’s also important to take care of your health. During the summer, there are some specific things to watch out for- especially if you’re a senior. Below, we’ll share 4 summer health tips for seniors.

1- Stay Protected in the Sun

This is an obvious tip, but it’s worth mentioning because it’s so important. Protecting yourself in the sun is important at any age. However, it’s especially important for seniors as the sun can lead to excess fatigue. Be sure to wear protective clothing, limit time in the sun, and use SPF- even when it’s shady outside.

2- Watch Your Physical Activities

Staying active is one of the best things you can do for your health. But if you like to stay active outdoors, then it’s also important to be careful in the warmer months. Excessive heat and humidity can cause you to sweat more, leading to dehydration. Make sure to take plenty of breaks when being active outside and drink plenty of water, even if you don’t feel thirsty. You might also consider planning activities for the morning or evening hours, when temperatures are milder.

3- Know the Signs of Heat Stroke

Heat stroke is a dangerous condition that happens when the body overheats. It requires emergency medical care and can have devastating health consequences. Luckily though, it can be avoided by taking proper precautions. Heat stroke symptoms include dizziness, confusion, and an elevated pulse. Click here to learn more of the signs- and what to do if you experience them.

4- Check Your Medications

Your medications are another important thing to consider during the summer. Some medications might make you extra sensitive to the sun’s heat and UV rays. Some medications might also need to be kept in a cooler part of your home during the summer. Your doctor can make sure your medications are summer-safe.

Finding More Summer Health Tips for Seniors

Whether you have specific health concerns or just need a checkup, the summer is a great time to visit your doctor. San Ramon Urgent Care and Clinic offers a variety of healthcare services at our three convenient locations. Explore our website to find more summer health tips for seniors. Ready to book your appointment? Give us a call today.

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