STD testing is an important part of being sexually active. And while many patients see their regular doctor or a sexual health clinic for these tests, they can also be performed at your local urgent care. And getting STD testing at urgent care has its advantages. Below, we’ll share our top five reasons to choose us for your testing needs.

1- Care on Your Schedule

Getting STD testing at Urgent Care is convenient for anyone’s schedule. With flexible hours, weekend appointments, and multiple locations, it’s easy to stop by on your own time. You can also make appointments for quick service, whereas you might need to wait several weeks to see your primary care doctor.

2- Quick Results

Urgent care centers usually have in-house labs, or they are partnered with nearby labs. This means that you will receive your rest results quickly. Faster results will allow you to treat any STDs as soon as possible, which will protect the health of you and also your partners.

3- Plenty of Options

Whether you need testing for a full panel of STIs or one specific test, your urgent care center has you covered. Of course, they can also test for other infections and offer you a variety of care options. This allows you to pick and choose the exact types of services you need.

4- Care For You- And Your Partner

Urgent care centers treat both men and women, which means that you and your partner can both receive sexual health services from the same center. This is a great option for couples who might otherwise see different doctors. Working with the same clinic will also help you and your partner feel confident as you make decisions for your bodies.

5- One Place For All Your Needs

Your urgent care clinic is a one-stop-shop for your overall health. You can get a general check-up, diagnostics, and referrals for specialists all under one roof. It’s a convent way to check for current infections while also protecting your overall health.

Ready to Get Started?

San Ramon Urgent Care is here to help you know your status. Stop by our office today to get quick and easy STD testing.

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