One of the most common illnesses worldwide is the common cold. It’s usually a seasonal thing, peaking in the winter months as the temperatures shift into cooler territories, and most people won’t know that they are infected before symptoms develop. Below, we’ve got five unbelievable facts about the common cold that you may not have known!

It’s everywhere!
Whether you live in cold countries or hot ones, the common cold is found all over the globe. There have even been instances of the common cold in the depths of the Amazon rainforest – that’s how prevalent this is. We can’t tell how long the human race has been battling seasonal colds, but it is everywhere, no matter where you are located.

Did you know the germs that cause the common cold can survive for two days outside the body?
When you sneeze into your hands, you can spread the germs on doorknobs, elevator buttons, and other surfaces – infecting everyone else. It’s why we’re told to sneeze and cough into elbows and tissues!

You could calculate how far away from someone you could stand without contracting the germs causing the common cold.
Did you know that a sneeze can travel as far as two feet? If possible, staying six feet away from those with the common cold can help you stay healthy. Always move away from people gearing up to sneeze close to you.

While being in the cold air won’t make you sick, the temperature outside does play a part.
As the cold weather is drier, we’re more likely to catch a common cold in humid spaces such as indoors. The air dries out the mucus passages in the nose, and this leaves the nasal passages exposed.

Vitamin C is not a cure-all for the common cold.
Of course, taking Vitamin C will be wonderful for your health, but it isn’t a barrier to cold germs.

Final Thoughts

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