Micturition or urination under normal circumstances should not be painful in any way. If you are facing trouble, urinalysis may be helpful for you. In certain circumstances, the presence of nitrites in urine cause changes in normal physiological function. Let’s look at what it means to have nitrates or nitrites in urine.

Nitrites or Nitrates In Urine – Are They Different?

Nitrogen is present in 2 different forms, nitrites and nitrates, and their chemical structure is what differentiates them. The presence of nitrates in urine is normal in standard levels; however, nitrites are an indicator of trouble.

Usually, nitrites in urine are a telltale sign of a urinary tract infection – UTI. The infection is not limited; it can hit anywhere in the entire urinary tract system, in the bladder, kidney, urethra, and ureter.

Nitrites in Urine – Causes

UTI is a complication when a person gets attacked with certain bacteria, and they start multiplying in the urinary tract. Some of them contain enzymes that turn nitrates into nitrites. This is the main reason why nitrites presence in your urine is a marker that you may have a UTI.

When Should You Get Urinalysis Done For Nitrites?

Urinalysis is the extensive testing (qualitative analysis) of urine samples to find the contents and their levels. High nitrites in urine may show up as the following visible symptoms:

  • Urgent, frequent urination with significantly less quantity of fluid in the bladder.
  • Painful or burning micturition (urination).
  • Foul smelling urine.
  • Discolored (red, yellow, brown) urine.
  • Weakness and fatigue in the elderly.
  • Fever

7 Methods To Get Rid Of Nitrites In Urine Naturally

Nitrites show up due to bacterial presence in the urine, i.e., UTI. So, you can use these 7 easy methods to treat this issue:

Adequate Hydration

Primarily, hydration therapy is thought as the best option to treat UTIs. The phenomenon is to flush out toxins as much as possible, all the while keeping your body balanced with nutrients/electrolytes.

Cranberry Juice

It is the most commonly used treatment to naturally flush out nitrites from urine. Cranberry juice contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that help a lot in treating the issue.

Do not Urinate Unnecessarily

Frequent urges when the bladder is not properly full can cause pain and discomfort. However, with good water levels, frequent urination help flushes out bacteria from the urinary tract.

Dock Up With Vitamin C

Vitamin C is something that renews the immune function of the body. However, in this case, vitamin c reacts with nitrates in the urine and converts it into nitrogen oxide, ultimately killing the bacteria and ending the infection.

Use of Probiotics

It is more effective in keeping the urinary tract free from bacteria. Specifically, lactobacillus prevents bacteria that cause UTIs and high nitrite levels in urine.

Thorough Cleaning

After urination or defecation, thoroughly clean yourself with the help of water. If that is not available, wipe using tissue paper from front to back, not leaving any spot.

Appropriate Sexual Hygiene

Things you should do after having intercourse:
Using a condom.
Clean the genital area with water and soap before and after engaging in sexual acts.


These 7 methods help flush out bacteria and nitrites from the urine to ultimately get rid of UTIs. If you want to know more about the urine test required for checking nitrate levels, talk to one of the professionals from San Ramon Urgent Care at (925) 361-5959 (San Ramon), (209) 825-5155 (Manteca), or (209) 983-9000 (Lathrop)

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