During recent times, the extreme challenge of COVID-19 has created a panic situation in the human race. Adult primary care doctors are trying their best to provide the best services to patients and taking care of their health. Clinics have set up testing facilities for the virus, and we all are trying to follow guidelines strictly given by the authorities. However, each of us aims to fight the prevailing virus and free the world from this pandemic.

An adult primary care service plays a vital role in each of our lives. Its work is to improve the health of patients and provide preventive care for various illnesses. However, the standard services primary care offers are;

  • Giving medicines,
  • Treating chronic conditions and minor disease,
  • And treating general health problems.

The primary care doctor undergoes proper training to treat a wide range of illnesses. Also, if a need arises, he will connect the patient to the right specialist.

Types of adult primary care doctors

Primary care doctors are divided into few types depending on their specialty and the services they offer. The types are;

A family medical doctor

This type of doctor takes care of the whole family irrespective of age and gender. So, the child and granny can go for treatment at the same place. Such a doctor has a great experience and knows how to tackle with all age groups. Hence, families usually put their trust in the family medical doctor and visit the clinic for all minor illnesses.

Internal medicine doctor

The doctor treats adults from early to old ages. Along with other health issues, blood pressure and diabetes are two common problems treated by an internal medicine doctor.


This type of doctor is an expert in treating women’s health issues like pregnancy, menopause, etc. Therefore, women need to visit the doctor regularly when such a problem arises.

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