The majority of the women experience back pain before periods or for one or two days while having it. The back pain comes along with discomfort and headache. Experiencing such events every month is a part of life for many females. Periods no matter the trouble, but its regular cycle is necessary for sound health. Every month, few changes occur in the body during this cycle that causes discomfort and pain before and during it.

Menstrual cramps

Before the onset of periods, the uterus starts contraction and sheds the uterine lining causing menstrual cramps. It also causes back pain and pain in the stomach, groin, and upper thighs. The strength of pain varies in females, but it’s nothing to worry about until it’s bearable. It is also possible that in a family, one experiences the pain, and others don’t. However, if the pain is intolerable, it is better to consult the doctor.


Menstrual cycle in female work as per their health. The few common reasons that cause pain before and during periods are:

  • Before periods the levels of estrogen and progesterone change that is also known as premenstrual syndrome. The difference in levels causes painful periods. In a few cases, or primarily with women who take a lot of stress and have depression, the form of premenstrual syndrome is more extreme.
  • Few females get fibroids that grow in the uterine lining. They cause pain and even heavy periods.
  • A cyst develops in females that can cause painful periods. Therefore, these, along with other internal problems, lead to pain before periods.

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Menstruation is a natural process. However, back pain before the period and other problems the women are facing for ages. If you think there is some abnormality with your menstrual cycle or the pain is intolerable, consult the doctor today. To book your appointment with San Ramon Urgent Care, call us at 925-361-5959 .

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