Are You Allergic To Cinnamon?

Cinnamon is a spice that adds flavor to different food items. You can add it to sweet or salty dishes or make yourself a cinnamon toast. Unfortunately, however, it doesn’t suit everyone, and many people are even allergic to cinnamon. Cinnamon has been used over...

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What Are Calcium Bumps On The Skin?

Our body uses a naturally occurring substance called hydroxyapatite to strengthen bones and teeth, which is a type of calcium phosphate. Sometimes unusual amounts of calcium phosphate deposit in the soft tissues of the body due to which bumps can form on the skin....

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Pool Exercises For Weight Loss

Swimming is always an exciting experience. And what could be better if swimming can be a cause of weight reduction? Several pool exercises for weight loss have proven successful in getting the desired weight for even overweight and obese people. Water is considered to...

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Back Pain and Fatigue

Pain in any area of the body forces a person to become irritated. And when the pain is in the lower or upper back, it leaves a person tired even at night. Lower back pain affects the majority of Americans. Back pain and fatigue and very closely related to each other....

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Asthma Management Plan

Seeing your loved one breathless, even if for a microsecond, can be a nightmare. And if the condition prevails for a longer duration, it can become worrisome for the family. For some people, asthma can be a minor change in their breathing; however, for others, it can...

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How Telemedicine is Changing Patient Care

For many patients, getting to a simple doctor’s appointment can pose major challenges. Homebound individuals, patients without transportation, and people with demanding schedules might find it difficult to get the care they need. Fortunately, technology has a...

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Why Your Immigration Physical Matters

Immigration can be a lengthy and overwhelming process. While you can expect to complete many forms, interviews, and a detailed application process, the medical portion of your immigration journey might stand out. A physical exam is required of all immigrants before...

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