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Can Constipation Result in a Fever?

Are you experiencing constipation while you have a fever? You might think that one is due to the other. Or maybe you are wondering, "Can constipation cause fever?". To answer, constipation cannot directly result in a fever. Both constipation and fever may indicate an...

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My Head Feels Heavy – What Might Be The Reason?

A heavy feeling in the head after a tiring day is pretty normal. However, starting your day with a headache can break it before starting. If your head feels heavy and it seems like you can’t keep it together or hold it upright, it may be because of the following...

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I Have A Lump And Pain In My Armpit, What Do I Do?

The armpit is a very sensitive area that houses many vessels, lymph nodes, nerves etc. Pain is not something uncommon in here be it the left armpit or right. We have all been there, haven't we? Throbbing, sharp, aching pain felt in the armpits is not good. The reasons...

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How To Stop A Tongue From Bleeding

Your tongue is a muscular organ that resides with the teeth. The oral cavity is constantly in use because of eating and tongue since it is made of muscles and vessels that may suffer from cuts or bruises easily. Tongue bleeding is a common phenomenon, but what if it...

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Sharp Pain Behind The Eye – Top 10 Reasons Explained

At some point, all of us have suffered from sharp or dull pain behind the eye making mundane tasks difficult. Usually, the eye pain is accompanied with a severe episode of headache, fever, redness, itching, blurred vision, pressure behind the eyes, etc. Usually, pain...

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What Is The Relationship Between Dehydration and White Tongue?

Our tongue holds immense importance just like any other organ in the body because it is responsible for handling one of the 5 senses - taste. However, if we research more, it has more functions than that. Your tongue is a natural mouth cleaning agent and works as a...

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Help, My Taste Buds Are Burnt, What To Do Next?

The human tongue is one of the most important organs made up of muscles with numerous sensitive features that help you taste food and other things. These structures are named taste buds because of their function; what if they get burnt! How bad will the situation be?...

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Appendicitis 101: is appendicitis genetic?

Patients often ask us, “Is appendicitis genetic?” According to the research, almost half of the possibilities related to acute appendicitis are associated with genetic factors. In fact, people with a family history of acute appendicitis are nearly 3 times more at...

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Why Does My Stomach Hurt After Sex?

Do you experience stomach pain after sex and are unsure what causes it? In many cases, abdominal pain after sex results from deep penetration or gas, which aren’t life-threatening conditions. However, the pain can surely put a damper on your activity. Here are 7...

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