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Appendicitis 101: is appendicitis genetic?

Patients often ask us, “Is appendicitis genetic?” According to the research, almost half of the possibilities related to acute appendicitis are associated with genetic factors. In fact, people with a family history of acute appendicitis are nearly 3 times more at...

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Why Does My Stomach Hurt After Sex?

Do you experience stomach pain after sex and are unsure what causes it? In many cases, abdominal pain after sex results from deep penetration or gas, which aren’t life-threatening conditions. However, the pain can surely put a damper on your activity. Here are 7...

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Help! I’ve Been Stung By A Yellow Jacket, What Do I Do?

Yellow jacket is from the wasp family, having yellow and black markings, hence the name. It is a specie that builds its house underground and on the trees as well. They hunt proteins for food and are used as scavengers to eat insects. A sting from a yellow jacket is...

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Different Kinds Of Pain That A Kidney Stone Presence Can Mimic

Kidney stone pain can mimic many other signs that may confuse you about the reason for your pain. Our kidneys are bean shaped organs present in the abdomen. They are located on either side of the spine. A healthy human is born with a pair of kidneys that remove excess...

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Can Gas Cause Pain In The Back?

With advancing age, every other individual suffers from back pain. There are various reasons for this issue, from sitting in the wrong posture to sudden jerk or a disease. Have you ever thought that maybe this pain in the back is because of gas? Back pain amongst...

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What’s To Know About Gerd Back Pain?

Acid reflux, commonly known as heartburn, is one thing everyone is familiar with; people experience it very often. It is a common discomfort felt by individuals and easily fixed by the use of an antacid. However, if antacids do not seem to work, it might have...

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Why Does My Sweat Smell Like Ammonia

Sweat may not always be full of odor. But if your sweat smells like ammonia, it may be due to exercise, high protein intake, or kidney disease. This blog will list down the reasons why your sweat may smell like ammonia and how you can get rid of smelly sweat. Causes...

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Do you experience burning after sex?

Burning after sex is also known as painful sexual intercourse, and it can occur due to insufficient lubrication or severe friction. Sometimes it can happen due to critical conditions for which you may have to see your doctor. Vaginal burning after sex is more common...

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Canker sore in the throat: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

A canker sore, also known as a mouth ulcer or aphthous ulcer, is a tiny bump that forms in the throat or mouth. Typically canker sores develop on the inner side of cheeks or lips; they can also form on the back of the throat or tonsils. These lesions are not...

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