Are you experiencing constipation while you have a fever? You might think that one is due to the other. Or maybe you are wondering, “Can constipation cause fever?”. To answer, constipation cannot directly result in a fever. Both constipation and fever may indicate an underlying condition. Before we explain, let us look at constipation and fever separately.

What is Fever?

Fever is your body’s response to a medical condition. There is an increase in your body’s temperature as your body strives to eliminate bacteria or viruses. The higher-than-average temperature reduces the chances of pathogens surviving. Moreover, your immune system starts working due to a slightly raised temperature. Symptoms of fever include:

  • Raised Temperature
  • Headache
  • Dehydration
  • Weakness
  • Chills

Keep in mind that the symptoms of fever are not limited to the ones mentioned above. If you have chills, know that it is due to the fever, not constipation, before you ask, “Can constipation cause fever and chills?”

What is Constipation?

On the other hand, constipation is unusual and altered bowel movements. It results from your stool passing through your colon slower than usual. The alteration in bowel movement can be because of dehydration, changes in diet, medications, or insufficient exercise. Other than this, a bacterial agent can enter your bowel through your mouth and cause an infection, which leads to constipation. Symptoms of constipation include:

  • There is a feeling that there is some sort of blockage that does not let you poop.
  • Pain during bowel movement or pooping.
  • Weekly bowel movements are less than three.
  • Stomach pain
  • Pressure and strain are required during bowel movements.

Now that we have discussed them separately, let’s get to your “Can constipation cause fever?” question.

Can constipation cause fever?

Looking at both of them, we can say that neither fever causes constipation, nor is it the other way around. Thus, if both of these are present simultaneously, it can only mean that there is another cause behind these two. What is it? The bacterial infection.

The bacterial agent that causes the infection can be responsible for your body raising the temperature. Hence, the infection that causes constipation can also be responsible for your fever. To answer your question, “Can constipation cause fever? “it cannot, although they might have the same culprit. Thus, they may be associated.

Similarly, if your baby has both, you wonder, “Can constipation cause fever in baby?” No, although there may be some kind of infection or underlying cause behind both. And if you are an adult and your query is “Can constipation cause low-grade fever?” then know that it does not. Constipation and fever are merely linked together.

What’s The Conclusion?

Can constipation cause fever? No. Although, there can be underlying reasons for both. Remember, the two may not be associated with each other every time. Therefore, don’t diagnose yourself. Visit your doctor if you suspect you or your child have an infection or other medical illness. Or you can get an appointment with our medical experts at San Ramon Urgent Care & Clinic by dialing 925 361 5959 (San Ramon), 209 825 5155 (Manteca), or 209 983 9000 (Lathrop).

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