With advancing age, every other individual suffers from back pain. There are various reasons for this issue, from sitting in the wrong posture to sudden jerk or a disease. Have you ever thought that maybe this pain in the back is because of gas?

Back pain amongst individuals is more common than you think. It creeps into your daily routine and makes even mundane tasks difficult. Some of the reasons for this problem include muscle strains, ligament stretches, ruptured or bulging disks.

This blog has the relationship between gas and pain in the back discussed, lets get on with it.

Can Gas Cause Back Pain?

In this era, bad eating habits have taken a hike. We are not conscious of our diet, which includes a lot of harmful and gas-producing substances.
In addition to that, some disorders of the abdominal tract may be the culprits for excessive gas production, causing back pain.

In the majority of cases, back pain is due to trapped gas in the GI tract. Sometimes, this pain radiates and moves from the abdominal region to the lower back and even the neck. It is often increased multifold if the person has GI disease, pancreatic, or liver disorder.

Reasons For Gas Entrapment Causing Back Pain

Cramping or bloating along the gastric system can be because of the following issues.

Gas Released From Digestion

Bacteria are present inside and spread all over your digestive system. When those bacteria try to break down carbohydrates like certain sugars, starch, or fiber-like beans, gas is released.

Air Swallowing

Mainly, people, without even thinking, gasp a lot of air that gets trapped inside the body leading to pain, be it in the back or any other area. You must be thinking, how is it even possible to inhale excess gas? Well, apart from the normal oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange mechanism, you can take in air while drinking or eating too fast, consume carbonated water, or fizzy drinks.

Chronic Health Conditions

Mainly, the reasons mentioned above majorly cause gas pain in the back. However, if the issue is persistent and does not seem to get better at any point of time, then maybe a disorder is the problem.

Conditions that can cause back pain due to gas buildup include

  • Gallstones – a condition where bile from the liver hardens and settles in the duct. Presence of gallstones may go unnoticed; symptoms like pain, nausea and vomiting may appear.
  • Inflammation of pancreas – it is a gland behind the stomach which may contribute to back pain due to gas if it is inflamed.
  • Ulcer – tends to cause a burning sensation in the chest and belly button.

Treatment to Relieve Gas Pain

Various methods are available for pain relief


Antacids are medications provided over the counter for eradication of the problem. It reduces gas pain and provides a path for its release. In certain conditions like lactose intolerance, medications like lacto work well. Medications will reduce gas influx and aid in release, whereas ibuprofen can help with back pain.

Heating Pad For Backache

Fifteen to twenty minutes of hot bag under the back immensely reduces pain.


Shocked right? Exercise helps with back pain since movement improves gas flow in the digestive tract.

Food Intake

With all the remedies above, it is best to limit food consumption that produces gas in the body.


If the pain gets unbearable, head to San Ramon Urgent Care and Clinic for immediate attention. Call at 925 361 5959 (San Ramon) or 209 825 5155 (Manteca) 209 983 9000 (Lothrop) . We are here for your help.

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