There is nothing quite as irritating as getting sick at the wrong time. Imagine having a big meeting with your boss the next morning, but you’re left tossing and turning in bed throughout the night. All because you can’t breathe through your nose at night.

This restlessness, caused by a blocked nose, can lead to various triggers, such as sore throat, headaches, and even mood changes. So, how does one get rid of their cold fast and go back to freely inhaling from their nose? To find out, keep on reading this blog.

Why Can’t I Breathe Through My Nose At Night?

Losing precious hours of sleep at night can leave you feeling exhausted and aggravated throughout the next day. Even more so if it’s due to breathing problems.

Dealing with a blocked nasal passage is not fun. Every time you breathe, it’s nothing short of running into a wall of congestion. In fact, at times, you might even want to chop off your nose. But don’t worry; as long as you identify the reason behind your blocked nose, the faster you can get it treated.

Here are some of the major reasons why you can’t breathe through your nose at night.

  1. Common Flu
    Almost everyone falls under the trap of the common cold one way or another. With some more likely to suffer from a runny nose, high temperature, and hoarse voice than others. Plus, despite being labeled as minor, flu can make your nose feel stuffy, disrupting your nightly sleep.
  2. Allergies
    One of the biggest reasons why people suffer from a plugged nose is their allergies. Depending on the allergen and severity of your condition, you might experience trouble sleeping due to a blocked nose.
  3. Sinusitis
    When the inner lining of your sinuses gets inflamed, it leads to sinusitis. This can result in excess mucus production and post-nasal drip, which makes it hard to breathe through your nose.
  4. Nasal Polyps
    Considered to be benign and noncancerous, nasal polyps are small, rounded bumps that grow along the lining of your nasal passage. As a result, it can get difficult to sleep or rest properly since your breathing gets obstructed.
  5. Nasal Valve Collapse
    The narrow part of your airway is known as the nasal valve. However, when it weakens and collapses, it greatly affects your nasal function and can cause difficulty in breathing.
  6. Deviated Septum
    Your septum is the thin wall that separates the two nasal passages. In the instance it deviates or displaces towards one side, the pressure can make it hard to breathe from your nose, especially when you sleep at night.

Treatment Options

In order to free your nose from the clutches of mucus and inflamed nasal lining, give the following treatment methods a try:

  1. Avoid eating late at night, especially before you sleep.
  2. Sleep with two pillows, so your head is propped up.
  3. Keep a humidifier on your bedside table.
  4. Hydrate your nasal passage with the help of steam.
  5. Steer clear of smoking or drinking alcohol.
  6. Opt for over-the-counter decongestants.
  7. Schedule an appointment with a doctor to get a certified prescription.

Final Takeaway

If you can’t breathe through your nose at night and find yourself unable to sleep, don’t wait. Either take an over-the-counter decongestant or contact San Ramon Urgent Care & Clinic. It’s best to get a professional diagnosis because sometimes the issue doesn’t lie with a cold but could be due to a serious nasal injury.

For more information, you can visit our clinic located at 9140 Alcosta Blvd Ste D, San Ramon, CA 94583. You can also give us a call to schedule an appointment beforehand at (925) 361-5959 (San Ramon), (209) 825-5155 (Manteca), or (209) 983-9000 (Lathrop).

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