Back Pain

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Can Gas Cause Pain In The Back?

With advancing age, every other individual suffers from back pain. There are various reasons for this issue, from sitting in the wrong posture to sudden jerk or a disease. Have you ever thought that maybe this pain in the back is because of gas? Back pain amongst...

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What’s Causing My Back Pain at Night?

Ouch! Are you dealing with back pain at night? This common problem can majorly impact your sleep, leading to discomfort during both the daytime and also nighttime hours. But what causes back pain- and how can you fix it? We’ll share the most common answers below....

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Back pain before period and other discomforts during the week

The majority of the women experience back pain before periods or for one or two days while having it. The back pain comes along with discomfort and headache. Experiencing such events every month is a part of life for many females. Periods no matter the trouble, but...

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