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Is Lower Back Pain While Breathing Common?

Do you also experience pain in your lower right back while breathing in? Well, it is more common than you think. Lower back pain is a result of several factors. This blog will discuss 10 possible reasons for this and a final note to help you better understand and...

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How Does UTI Cause Bloating?

Do you feel your stomach sticking out weirdly? It could be bloating and gas! It is an uncomfortable situation that can turn extremely painful too. Many issues can cause bloating, like UTI, constipation, indigestion, etc. This blog has shared some insights on UTI and...

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What Is That Ringing Sound In My Ears?

Ringing in the ears is a phenomenon also known as tinnitus. It is a condition where you hear a sound that is not actually there. It can be a constant or occasional ringing, buzzing, whistling, or any other noise. This sound is very annoying and can make it difficult...

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Can You Develop Allergies Out Of The Blue?

If you’ve ever had an allergy attack, you know how exhausting it can be. It doesn’t matter if it’s a seasonal allergy or a deadly allergy to certain foods. Allergy spells can drain you of all energy. And if you’re someone who doesn’t have any allergies, don’t b so...

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My Back Hurts When I Wake Up — What Might Be the Reason?

‘Why does my back hurt when I wake up?’ Many people wonder after waking up with back pain. Multiple factors can contribute to morning back pain. Therefore, you should visit your trusted doctor to learn what is causing you this discomfort. After a restful night’s...

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Tickle in Nose? Maybe it is One of These 6 Causes

You might start laughing even when someone pretends to tickle your tummy. People feel ticklish in different areas of their body, but the one thing we have all felt, but least expect, is a tickle in nose. However, the feeling is pretty annoying and hints at an issue....

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How To Get Rid OF Neck Pain and Headache

Headache is a nuisance on its own, and think about it being coupled with neck pain; how bad would that be! Usually, these two do not co-occur; however, certain health conditions might cause neck pain and headache together. Let’s dig deeper into this issue. Neck Pain...

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Ouch! Friction burn on my penis, Help!

Skin burning is quite common and treatable. But a friction burn on a penis is something one does not want. The burn on your penile skin is usually nothing massive, it mostly gets better with adequate rest. However, there are some ways you can treat your burning penis...

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