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5 Possible Reasons You Have a Headache After Nap

Does your head hurt terribly after waking up? Headache that occurs after you take a nap has multiple causes, and it usually has no severe underlying condition. Still, it can be bothersome and hinder your daily activities. Hence, knowing what is responsible for your...

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Does Sore Throat And Headache Mean I Have Covid?

You may get affected by a cold, cough, or flu during any time of the year. These conditions bring about two common signs: sore throat and a headache. However, along with these common issues, the symptoms of sore throat and fever might indicate the presence of...

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Can I Treat My Throat Burn?

There will be times when you think your throat will be on fire. This condition is common in several diseases such as acid reflux, GERD, and even if you are taking certain medications. But why does your throat burn? Let's have a look. Why Does Your Throat Burn? This is...

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How Do I Get The Stuck Pill Out?

Taking pills is common in the daily routine more so if one suffers from a chronic disease. Sometimes, due to less time or negligence of any sort, the pill gets stuck in the throat, what to do then? We are here to tell you just that. Can A Pill Get Stuck In Your...

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Why Is My Poop Black?

Our body has its unique ways of telling when something is going off in the body. The telltale indicators are tongue, poop, and urine. When you find something unusual such as black specks in your stool, do not panic and stay calm. We understand that a lack of knowledge...

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White Specks In Poop – Top 5 Reasons Explained

It is a good habit to visually examine yourself, the skin, your oral cavity, and also, your poop! This step helps in the early detection of any usual activity happening. One of such is finding white specks in poop; wondering what they are? They may be chunks of...

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Collarbone and Pain In The Neck – 10 Causes For This

Collarbone pain and added discomfort are common for many in this day and age because of many reasons that range from a minor infection to incorrect sleeping positions. Let’s discuss 10 potential triggers of collarbone and neck pain. Sleeping Position Usually, people...

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Can Constipation Result in a Fever?

Are you experiencing constipation while you have a fever? You might think that one is due to the other. Or maybe you are wondering, "Can constipation cause fever?". To answer, constipation cannot directly result in a fever. Both constipation and fever may indicate an...

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My Head Feels Heavy – What Might Be The Reason?

A heavy feeling in the head after a tiring day is pretty normal. However, starting your day with a headache can break it before starting. If your head feels heavy and it seems like you can’t keep it together or hold it upright, it may be because of the following...

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