Burning after sex is also known as painful sexual intercourse, and it can occur due to insufficient lubrication or severe friction. Sometimes it can happen due to critical conditions for which you may have to see your doctor. Vaginal burning after sex is more common than penile burning.

This article will explore some common causes of burning after sex for both males and females.

Potential causes of burning sensation after sex

Pain or burning sensations in the vagina or penis after sexual intercourse is a common occurrence. Here are some common reasons why a person may experience it.


For some people, the shape of their partner’s sexual organs can irritate the skin, resulting in burning after sex.

Allergies and skin irritation:

Genitals may react to lotions, lubricants, and perfumes. Poor lubrication can produce friction during sex which can later cause pain and burns.

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs):

Some STIs can result in painful sex and give the sensations afterward.

Lack of lubrication:

Without proper lubrication, sex can become painful for you or your partner. Females are more prone to painful sensations and burning after sex.

Psychological factors:

Males and females both can experience burning or pain during sexual intercourse or after it. It can happen due to distress about the relationship with your partner, sex, or previous sexual encounters. If you or your partner has psychological stress, it can make things tense, resulting in painful sex.

Rough sex:

Violent sex with poor lubrication can hurt the skin and cause burning.

Sexual position:

While some sexual positions may be troublesome and can cause irritation and pain to the skin, others can aggravate the painful sensations. For example, sex with deep penetration that arouses the cervix can be distressing. Females with an inflamed cervix may experience increased burning after sex.


Several infections can result in painful sex, including yeast infection, urethritis, urinary tract infections (UTIs.)

Burning in penis after sex

Infections to the penis

Swelling of prostate or prostatitis can develop due to infection. Prostatitis can cause a burning sensation during or after sexual intercourse. Some males may experience burning during ejaculation or urination.

A yeast infection can cause penile itching or burning. A doctor may likely recommend antifungal medication to treat this infection.

Penile injuries

An injured penis can put you in pain during or after sex. If you have a cut on the penis, friction during sex can irritate it. Internal injuries can also worsen after sex.

Burning sensation during or after sex in females

Vaginal infections

Infections can make sex painful or cause burning later on. Many times the pain can go unnoticed during sex.

Cervical issues

Sexual positions that reach the cervix can cause some females pain and the burning sensation can feel inside the vagina or stomach.


This condition can make your vagina hurt, and it is especially triggered after sex.

When to see a doctor

Pain after sex isn’t always a cause of concern. But you should see your doctor if you or your partner is experiencing

  • chronic pain
  • pain that gets worse
  • excruciating pain
  • pain is accompanied by fever or burning during urination
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