You may get affected by a cold, cough, or flu during any time of the year. These conditions bring about two common signs: sore throat and a headache. However, along with these common issues, the symptoms of sore throat and fever might indicate the presence of covid-19.

Symptoms of Covid

  • Shivering with elevated temperature
  • Non-productive dry cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Fatigue
  • Frequent muscle or body aches
  • Headaches
  • Loss of taste and smell sensations
  • Sore throat and fever
  • Congestion with or without a runny nose
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Diarrhea

Other Causes of Sore Throat and Fever

If coronavirus is not causing your throat to go sore and fever along with it, then the issues might be one of these mentioned below:

Respiratory Tract Infections

Sore throat and fever are mostly a part of the sign set that comes with a respiratory infection. Usually, this kind of infection is viral. These infections have to run their course in the span of a week.


Seasonal changes might trigger allergies in you, which will mainly develop into a headache or sore throat during spring and fall. What happens is, in the spring season, flowers blossom along with trees. The air is filled with fresh pollen that can irritate the sinuses. They may get more active in the fall sometimes and aggravate your allergies leading up to a cause a headache and sore throat.


It is also a different kind of viral infection that presents itself with signs of severe headache and sore throat. It also marks its presence with fever, fatigue, especially in the morning, and muscle ache. This set of symptoms in case of flu is usually stronger than the common cold and may last a longer span as well.

Bacterial Infection

Strep throat is a common infection by bacteria that causes these symptoms. It is painful to swallow in this condition, and you may also have swollen tonsils.


Inflammation of the tonsils resultantly shows signs such as a sore throat, fever, headache, and swallowing difficulties. Not one, but both kinds of germs, i.e., bacteria and viruses, can cause tonsillitis due to infection.

Symptomatic Treatment – Sore Throat, Headache, and Fever

Since more than one condition is linked to these signs, we must determine the exact cause first. This will help set a proper target as antibiotics work on bacteria, whereas antivirals only show the effect on viruses.

On the other hand, most people tend to incline towards home remedies for symptomatic treatment. Sore throat and headache mostly get better with time. Some of the remedies include saltwater gargle, teas, fenugreek water, and chamomile tea.

If one cannot eat much and is not fond of having teas, soups or broths are a great nutritious option. It will provide relief from not only pain but also give strength to get through the day. Moreover, coupling home remedies with OTC painkillers has always shown accelerated results. Head down to your nearest pharmacy for their purchase.


A sore throat along with headache episodes and fever is common under multiple circumstances. Therefore, if you feel that your symptoms somewhat match with covid, get yourself tested and isolate immediately to stop the potential spread. If you want to know more, get in touch with professionals from San Ramon Urgent Care. Dial (925) 361-5959 (San Ramon), (209) 825-5155 (Manteca), or (209) 983-9000 (Lathrop) for help.

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