The human tongue is one of the most important organs made up of muscles with numerous sensitive features that help you taste food and other things. These structures are named taste buds because of their function; what if they get burnt! How bad will the situation be? Let’s find out how to deal with burnt taste buds.

There is no need of worrying about this issue; the human body has a good healing mechanism. Our taste buds fall off every 14 days, so in case of burning, your body will easily replace them. However, this does not happen in a single day; it requires time. Continue reading this blog to know details about what to do for pain relief in such a situation.

How Are Taste Buds Burnt?

Humans house thousands of taste buds in them; they are sensitive features. Whenever anything is eaten in a hasty manner or high temperature of the food or beverage, the tongue, and its taste buds get burnt. The burn inflames taste buds that reduce its ability of sensing flavors food flavors.

Your food will taste different until the buds fully recover after burning. The buds are allocated for each flavor, and each detector has a distinct area fixed. The sour patches are on the sides, and the bitter ones at the back. On the other hand, sweet and salty are located in the front region. So, if the taste buds get burnt in a certain area, you won’t lose every sensation.

Burn Types

Want to heal your burnt taste buds? Well, your body replaces them itself after every 2 weeks. Therefore there is no need to do anything about it. Burns are of various degrees, which decide the healing time.

There are 3 types of burn, 1st ,2nd and 3rd degrees. The levels indicate the amount of damage caused. If the taste buds are burnt on the surface level, it is categorized into first degree. Only the topmost layer is affected, making it swollen and red.

2nd degree is more painful due to deep layer damage; blisters may form around the area because of the burn.
3rd degree is more of a nightmare. The casualty touches the body’s deepest layers, making survival extremely painful and difficult and may turn the area black or white.

Fixing Burnt Taste Buds

Our body sloughs off taste buds every 14 days. You can, however, facilitate its repair by accelerating it and relieving pain.

  • Get hold of some ice pronto for numbing your mouth temporarily, relieving pain.
  • Rinsing with salt water works wonders; swish and swirl three times a day for getting rid of the swelling and pain.
  • Try avoiding acidic, salty, or high-temperature food and beverage.
  • If your tongue is badly burnt, use painkillers like acetaminophen for soothing.


Taste buds burning is a common situation due to misjudgment of temperature. If such a situation arises, remember that your body has a natural coping mechanism for apt healing. Still, in case of any confusion or emergency, contact specialists at San Ramon Urgent Care – San Ramon 925 361 5959 or Manteca 209 825 5155 or Lathrop 209 983 9000 for details or set up an appointment.

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