Taking pills is common in the daily routine more so if one suffers from a chronic disease. Sometimes, due to less time or negligence of any sort, the pill gets stuck in the throat, what to do then? We are here to tell you just that.

Can A Pill Get Stuck In Your Throat?

Yes, a pill can easily get stuck in your throat that too for hours if you do not do anything about it. Having said that, there is no need to panic if the tablet or capsule does go away towards the stomach in one go.

Here’s what you can do:

Drink Fluids

The best thing you can do is wash it down immediately. Make it a habit to wash down the pill with lots and lots of fluid. Water makes it easier for the pill to slide down and lessens the chances of getting stuck.

With that, always apply the technique of placing your pill at the rare end of your tongue near the throat so that it goes down in a gulp.


With water, you can always opt for an edible lubricant such as honey or applesauce to minimize the bitterness of the pill while taking it.

Break it up In Pieces

If the tablet seems too big for your mouth, you can always split it into pieces and take it with a lot of water or fluid. This makes sure that the pill does not get stuck in the throat.

For this purpose, we suggest you get a pill crusher as using your hands is not quite hygienic. Moreover, ask your pharmacist to ensure whether the pill can be crushed or not.

This is because long-acting or slow-release drugs lose their functionality when split into pieces. You should also not wait for the pill to dissolve after it gets stuck.

There are drugs that have the tendency to cause irritation to the throat. In such a case scenario, a quick chug of water helps wash down the stickiest of the capsule.

Moreover, you can also try eating food after taking a pill so that it doesn’t get stuck. However, avoid this if your tablet is supposed to be eaten empty stomach.

Tilt Your head

Head tilt has proven effective in this regard. Prop the chin towards your chest area and try swallowing.


Coughing is often encouraged to expel the pill out if it’s stuck anywhere, especially if it is blocking the air passage.


If pill stuck in the throat feeling not going away, contact San Ramon Urgent care for help. We provide the best emergency service.

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