Water is an essential source of life. All bodily functions require a sufficient amount of water; a decrease in the amount can lead to dehydration. People usually associate dehydration with the feeling of thirst and fatigue. However, dehydration back pain and spine problems are not uncommon. Without water, survival is impossible.

Water is essential

To maintain a sufficient amount of water in the body and let all the body functions smoothly, one should consume a glass of water frequently. The human back holds a disc that contains a gelatinous substance. Suppose the amount of water reduces in the disk, its capability of carrying the body weight decreases. However, in an extreme case, the disc collapses exerting pressure on the nerves in the spinal cord.

Role of water in the spine

The disc plays an essential role. It is located in the spine, separating the bones. Besides providing a cushion it acts as a shock absorber and makes the spine mobile. Hence water plays an active role in the disc and makes it capable of performing its functions. We move, perform various tasks, which causes a lot of wear and tear in the spine. Gradually the water leaks out, and naturally, the disc rehydrates itself using the water present.

Dehydration back pain

The problem appears when a sufficient amount of water is not there for the disc to rehydrate itself. So, it shrinks in size, and this is not a good sign. Gradually the body gives various alarming symptoms, and one such is the dehydration back pain. It can also cause internal swellings and leg pain.

Stay hydrated

So, one should have a sufficient amount of water daily before any worst situation appears. If you feel you are having a dehydration back pain, initially increase the amount of water intake. Besides, your back pain is giving you a hard time, the team at San Ramon Urgent Care is glad to help. To schedule your appointment, call at 925-361-5959 .

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