For many patients, getting to a simple doctor’s appointment can pose major challenges. Homebound individuals, patients without transportation, and people with demanding schedules might find it difficult to get the care they need. Fortunately, technology has a solution. Telemedicine is a new and exciting way for patients to get medical care from home. Keep reading to learn more about telemedicine.

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a way for patients to consult with doctors via a video call. It’s a great alternative for patients who cannot physically meet with their doctor. During a telemedicine appointment, you can discuss symptoms with your doctor, follow up on recent procedures, and more. Your doctor can even write you prescriptions. Additional technology, such as at-home blood pressure monitors, can also be used during these appointments so your doctor can remotely assess your health conditions.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Telemedicine is a great way for patients to visit with their doctors. It’s a great way for patients to manage chronic illnesses or to follow up after trying new medications. However, if you need to be diagnosed, we still recommend scheduling an in-person appointment.

Telemedicine in California

San Ramon Urgent Care and Clinic offer telemedicine services to a variety of patients. Our medical professionals can help you manage your condition remotely, saving you the time and energy needed for frequent doctor’s appointments. For more information, call us at 209-983-9000.

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