The armpit is a very sensitive area that houses many vessels, lymph nodes, nerves etc. Pain is not something uncommon in here be it the left armpit or right. We have all been there, haven’t we? Throbbing, sharp, aching pain felt in the armpits is not good. The reasons for this can range from something as simple as a muscle strain to more severe conditions such as cancer.

The pain level is according to the severity of the reasons; it ranges from mild to moderate as a result of inflammation, irritation etc. Let’s discuss the top 5 causes in detail.

Causes for Pain In The Armpits

If you have pain under your left or right armpit, it may be because of the following reasons:


Toiletries such as deodorants, lotions, perfumes or mist sprays contain irritants; therefore, if your skin is sensitive, it is most likely to suffer from a reaction causing pain in the armpit. Signs that show up with skin irritation are:

  • Inflammation
  • Rash
  • Redness
  • Itching and warmth
  • Swelling

It will help if you immediately stop using any product that doesn’t suit your skin.

Shaving Bumps

Improper shaving not only makes your armpit bleed but causes pain as well. Mostly, this happens when one uses blunt or rusted blades. The use of such things causes follicle inflammation and consequent pain.

Always use a clean, sharp blade for the least discomfort and get rid of small painful bumps. Ensure adequate moisturization for preventing dryness.

Skin Infection

Bacterial manifestation is a known cause of discomfort and pain in your armpit’s right and left sides. Its ideal breeding ground is a warm moist area that the armpit provides. Other times, the skin may also suffer from a chronic condition known as heradenitis.

The hair follicles and sebaceous-oil glands present under the armpits become clogged in this condition. It is a severe acne form that must be treated for pain relief.

Some signs other than pain include:

  • Itchiness
  • Tender
  • Many boils or cysts
  • Recurring infections

Most bacterial infections are treatable via antibiotics and fungus through antifungals. Anti-inflammatory works well for heradenitis.

Muscle Strain

People involved in daily exercises or sports predominantly suffer from minor injuries like muscle strain. Usually, strenuous activities cause stretching of the muscles, such as weightlifting, which result in pain and tightness.

It is better to get medical treatment for avoiding any further issues or injuries. If your lump in the armpit is still in pain after 7 days, get in touch with your doctor immediately for a checkup.

Breast Cancer

Swelling under the armpit and pain should resolve within a few days; if it does not, then the lump may be cancerous and better if caught in the early stages. Getting abnormalities treated on time can save you from a long-term impairment or fatality.

Look For a Doctor

Armpit pain is common; however, the reasons for this may differ; if the issue stays on for more than a week, get a doctor’s opinion on it. Call San Ramon Urgent Care for your screening needs at San Ramon 925 361 5959, Manteca 209 825 5155 or Lathrop 209 983 9000.

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