Winters are coming up, and besides being a season for excellent warm food and talks beside the fire, it invites upon seasonal infections. Cold, flu, and sinus problems arise, and many get sick. Every year patients report to healthcare clinics and get diagnosed with such conditions. Whether it is a sinus infection or flu, both cause discomfort and make you sick. However, sneezing, having a sore throat, watery eyes, and sniffles all indicate these infections. Looking at the current pandemic, COVID-19 shows similar indications. Hence, it is better to get the testing done when any such symptoms arrive. Besides, once you are sure you don’t have coronavirus, other treatments can start.

Sinus infection and its symptoms

A sinus infection occurs due to inflammation and swelling of the sinuses, which is the tissue lining. Usually, the sinuses have air in it, but if it blocks, germs start to grow there, causing infection. The common cold is a result of the spread of disease in sinuses. The individual begins getting symptoms like congestion, pain, swelling on the face, headache, fatigue, and fever. It becomes challenging to carry out the day’s routine task, and the person feels of sleeping most of the time. Few also suffer from chronic sinus problems. They have to take extra care, especially in winter. The allergens present in the air quickly attack them making them sick.

The COVID-19 and flu symptoms

On the other hand, flu is a viral infection and can quickly spread from one person to another. Similar to COVID-19, both are respiratory illness affecting the lungs and cause breathing problems. But, both diseases vary and are a result of a different virus. Diverse types of influenza viruses cause flu infecting people globally each year. However, COVID-19 is due to the coronavirus that started to spread at the end of 2019. The significant difference between them is that COVID patients lose their sense of taste and smell, but flu shows no such signs. However, both lead to fever, cough, body pain, and weakness. In severe cases, both are alarming, though COVID has taken many lives.

COVID-19, sinus infection or flu; how to fight it

An individual’s defense system itself fights with these infections first. Medications play a secondary role, but ones with vital health and a strong immune system can cure within a week or two. Therefore, doctors recommend drinking more and more water and have an adequate intake of vitamins and minerals to strengthen the body’s defense system. Whether it’s COVID-19, sinus infection, or flu, internal body strength plays a vital role in the cure. However, all three illnesses need immediate attention. It is better to visit healthcare before the situation worsens. If you have a fever, headache, breathlessness, neck, or throat pain, visit us immediately. The team at San Ramon Urgent Care and Clinic offer a wide range of treatments to cure your illness. To know more, call us at 925-361-5959 .

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