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Urgent Care and Clinic, Manteca

Taking care of you and your loved ones is the responsibility of Norcal Urgent Care, Manteca, CA. Therefore, we take care of all your urgent care needs and provide treatment for various health concerns. Our patients are precious, and we make every effort to serve them with the utmost attention and care. Manteca urgent care is always with you in your good and bad times.


Migraine Treatment at Manteca Urgent Care

 Migraine is one of the most common issues that many people face from time to time. Its intensity and treatment are dependent on the condition of the patient. For some people, the pain might start due to a change in temperature, dust, strong smell, or bright lights. However, for others, the pain might be due to a neck or spine injury.

If you are aware of the factors that trigger pain, you should take steps to avoid them. You can also visit Manteca urgent care, where our staff will examine the causes of the pain and provide you proper treatment.

High Blood Pressure Treatment at Urgent Care & Clinic, Manteca

High blood pressure disturbs the normal flow of your blood. If it occurs frequently, it can cause damage to your body. Loss of vision, strokes, and damage to the kidney are some of the issues that one may face due to high blood pressure.

Experts call high blood pressure as a silent killer because, unlike other diseases, it is often symptomless. For this reason, medical experts suggest taking frequent blood pressure tests.

Several treatment options are available at Manteca urgent care, depending on the condition of each individual. To treat high blood pressure, the doctors usually prescribe some medicines and suggest changes in daily routine.

Asthma Management at Urgent Care, Manteca

An asthma attack can cause coughing, difficulty in breathing, and pressure on the chest. The effects of the attack depend on the health, state of mind, and environment of each individual.

The attack can be sudden or long-lasting. Doctors usually treat asthma attacks with the use of medicine based on steroids; and prescribe daily inhalers, emergency inhalers, and some other drugs.

Doctors at Manteca urgent care recommend regular breathing exercises to patients with severe problems. Sometimes an allergic reaction may also trigger an attack. In that case, asthma can be controlled to some extent by treating allergies.

Weight management program

A well-maintained body weight leads to a healthy and stress-free life. Conversely, being overweight causes many concerns that may create problems for you. At our urgent care in Manteca, California, we provide diet plans and exercise routines according to the needs of each individual. This will help you manage your weight effectively so you can live an active life.

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Urgent Care and Clinic, Manteca

Apart from the above health issues, our urgent care and clinic takes care of many other diseases.

Apart from the above health issues, our urgent care and clinic takes care of many other diseases.

Please feel free to call Manteca urgent care on (209) 825-5155 to make an appointment.
You can also visit our clinic in Manteca, California, 95336, during our opening hours: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.

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