Skin burning is quite common and treatable. But a friction burn on a penis is something one does not want. The burn on your penile skin is usually nothing massive, it mostly gets better with adequate rest. However, there are some ways you can treat your burning penis other than plainly resting.

Friction Burn on Penis – Treatment

If your penis is sore and you want to know ways to fix it, this blog is for you. Friction burns on this bodily structure are different and will only cause discomfort for a few days.

Usually, you do not need medical attention immediately if the burn is not severe; adequate resting will do the job. Moreover, until the soreness goes away, completely abstain from having sex.

However, in case the friction burn is severe on the penis that you have a blister on the foreskin, keep it in sheets at all times.

For work or going out, briefs are the most comfortable choice since there is less chance of friction. Furthermore, keep the area clean by washing them, and do not forget to dry them up with a towel pat to prevent infection.

Your penis skin may start to peel after some days; it’s completely normal and nothing to worry about. As a matter of fact, it is a sign that the healing process is on the go.

Can You Prevent Friction Burn To Happen on The Penis?

The rule is simple, use lube. That is all you need to do before the session to prevent friction bumps on the penis shaft. But, this is not applicable for oral sex because saliva is enough to provide the gliding.

If you or your partner go dry, water-based lubricant will feel better on your penis and better inside your partner, too.

You can ask professionals in case there is an ejaculation issue.

Any sort of delay in reaching climax could be either because of stress or medications. However, you can start on potential medical treatments if it is habitual.

How Does It Happen?

It is called friction when two surfaces rub against each other without any gliding force.

A friction burn is abrasive and a common occurrence in road accidents; the exposed skin rubs across the road, resulting in a heat burn from the friction.

However, the burn due to friction on a penis is much less severe than the one happening on the road.

The main reason behind this issue is increased sex time. Other than that, habitual masturbation can also cause this.

Rough intercourse, particularly vigorous or lasting long, can suffer burns if you have dry skin or even if there’s a small cut on your penis.

Final Words

If you suffer from a burning penis, try giving it rest. If that does not work out for you, talk to healthcare professionals for tips to deal with the problem. Learn more by talking to San Ramon Urgent Care professionals about your issue.

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