Swimming is always an exciting experience. And what could be better if swimming can be a cause of weight reduction? Several pool exercises for weight loss have proven successful in getting the desired weight for even overweight and obese people. Water is considered to be one of the best ways through which a person can maintain its fitness. Some of the pool exercises for weight loss are as follows:

Water Jogging: The most comfortable and most effective of all pool exercises for weight loss is water jogging. With every minute, you lose 17 calories.

Pool planks: Planks are effective in reducing weight but a person needs to have a strong body in order to reduce abdominal muscles. However, this is not necessary when you are doing it in a pool. The water balances your body and makes you lose your abdominal weight even if the upper body is weak.

Chaos Cardio: Chaos cardio is extremely beneficial in reducing weight. Rather than going straight, zigzag jogging creates currents. Later a straight run through the currents helps you lose extra weight.

One-legged balance: It is an excellent option to strengthen your legs and core muscles. Water needs to be above the waist level for this to work correctly. Lifting one knee and pushing it back and then in front while maintaining the balance with your hands helps to reduce excess fat on legs.

Cardio Core Ball Running: This exercise requires a ball that acts as a prop. With the ball tucked under one of the arms, run across the pool for 1 minute and then change the arm to take the next round. This helps to shed off extra weight quickly.

Therefore, whether you are a senior citizen or an athlete, a 30-minute pool workout can help you achieve your desired weight. The experts at San Ramon Urgent Care & Clinic can also be contacted for help in case you need any advice on how these exercises can be beneficial in toning your body.

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