Allergy Shots Treatment in San Ramon, CA

How do allergy shots work?

When you get allergy shots, a tiny quantity of a known allergen is regularly injected into your body. This exposure forces your body to create antibodies that can eventually stop allergic symptoms. Allergy shots essentially prompt your body to increase its innate resistance to known allergens.

Who can benefit from an allergy shot regimen?

Dr. Maheshwari may recommend allergy shots for patients in the following situations:

  • If you want a long-term answer for allergies
  • If you’re allergic to stinging insects like bees
  • If oral medication doesn’t alleviate your symptoms
  • If you want to stop taking oral allergy medication
  • If you live around unavoidable allergens, for example, dogs or dust mites
  • If you suffer from both allergies and asthma and want to improve breathing

How long does it take for allergy shots to work?

It depends on the patient, but many patients start to experience relief early in the first phase — the build-up phase — of allergy treatment. It may occur after as little as a few weeks but could take 3-6 months. Once the proper dose is determined, you’ll transition into a maintenance dose for continued allergy relief.

How long are allergy shots needed?

It’s variable, as each patient’s allergies and reactions are unique. If allergy shots successfully prevent allergic symptoms, the regimen is typically continued for 3-5 years.Patients who have long-term allergy shots will usually need shots only once a month. Even when the allergy shots stop, you are likely to have fewer allergies long term.


Can the allergy go away without treatment?

Although it’s possible that the allergy will go away without treatment, it’s unlikely. Most patients who suffer from allergies struggle with them for an extended period, and it’s not uncommon for untreated allergies to worsen over time instead of going away.

What is the best age to get allergy shots?

Patients of nearly any age can get allergy shots, from childhood through the senior years. If the allergies are causing problems severe enough to interfere with your daily life, allergy shots may be something to consider regardless of your age.

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