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Diabetes Specialist
Diabetes is a serious illness that affects an estimated 29 million Americans, and managing the condition is critical for mitigating the effects of the disease. At San Ramon Urgent Care & Clinic, patients can receive diagnostic services, treatment and management of their diabetes, all in the same San Ramon location.

Diabetes Q & A

by Rajesh Maheshwari, MD

What is diabetes, and how does it develop?

Put simply, diabetes is a disease in which the body is unable to properly convert food into energy. When the body is functioning normally, food is converted into a form of sugar. The body responds by releasing insulin from the pancreas, which acts to “unlock” cells so that the sugars can be absorbed and put to use. Diabetes occurs when a person’s body is either unable to produce the proper levels of insulin (Type I diabetes) or is the insulin that is produced is incapable of getting the job done (Type II diabetes.) In either case, serious medical issues can result, and people with diabetes often encounter significant impact to their daily health and well-being.

What are the common symptoms of diabetes?

Each individual will have a different experience of diabetes, but there are some symptoms that should lead a person to seek diagnostic work and treatment of the disease. An example lies in an overwhelming and persistent need to frequently urinate. Other symptoms are sudden changes in weight gain or loss, cuts or bruises that are very slow to heal, or sensations of numbness or tingling in the hands and feet. Diabetes is a very serious disease, and individuals who are experiencing these symptoms should seek medical treatment in a timely manner.

How is diabetes treated in the urgent care setting?

This is an area of treatment in which our clinic provides services. Many patients come to San Ramon Urgent Care and Clinic for help managing their diabetes. From nutrition advice to self-care education, the staff is here to do whatever it takes to empower patients to control the course of their disease and to improve their overall health. Some patients require insulin therapy to manage their diabetes, while others are able to control the disease with proper nutrition, weight loss, and lifestyle modifications. It is important to understand that living with diabetes requires an ongoing commitment to monitoring and improving one’s health.

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