DOT Physical Exams in San Ramon, CA

San Ramon Urgent Care & Clinic is proud to offer DOT physical exams for commercial driver’s license (CDL) holders in San Ramon and the surrounding areas. Dr. Rajesh and his team understand the importance of keeping your CDL active and compliant with federal regulations.

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    What to Expect in your DOT physical

    To comply with state and federal regulations, all current or aspiring Commercial Drivers License (CDL) holders must undergo a comprehensive physical examination, adhering to Department of Transportation (DOT) standards.

    These mandated DOT Physicals occur biennially, ensuring employers assess their drivers’ fitness for safely operating large commercial vehicles both presently and in the foreseeable future.

    DOT Physical Exams

    During the exam, the medical examiner will review your medical history, perform a physical examination, and assess your vision and hearing.

    Once you pass the exam, you will receive a medical examiner’s certificate valid for up to 24 months. We will electronically submit your results to the CDL Information System (CDLIS)

    What Happens During the Physical Exam

    Your DOT physical at San Ramon Urgent Care & Clinic is thorough. Your provider reviews medical history, discusses medications, and performs various checks:

    • Listens to your heart and lungs
    • Examines your abdomen for abnormalities
    • Conducts a hernia check
    • Monitors blood pressure, pulse, and cardiovascular health
    • Administers a drug test
    • Conducts a vision test for 20/40 acuity in each eye
    • Assesses hearing
    • Performs a neurological exam for coordination and reflexes
    • Checks for spinal deformities
    • Examines throat and mouth for swallowing or breathing issues

    Mental and emotional health is also evaluated to ensure safe commercial vehicle operation. If you pass, you receive a two-year medical card, though shorter durations may apply. Failing means no certificate issuance. Your safety is our priority.

    What are the DOT Requirements

    • Minimum 20/40 vision
    • Ability to differentiate traffic light colors
    • Hearing a forced whisper at a 5-foot distance
    • Blood pressure not exceeding 160/100
    • Blood sugar not exceeding 200
    • No use of habit-forming drugs, amphetamines, or narcotics

    What to Bring for Your DOT Physical

    • Current state driver’s license
    • Visual aids like glasses or contacts
    • List of past medical history
    • Contact details for doctors and specialists
    • Prescription bottles, current medications, and over-the-counter medications
    Questions About DOT Physical Exams?

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    Your well-being and ability to safely operate a commercial vehicle are our top priorities at San Ramon Urgent Care & Clinic. The comprehensive DOT physical, covering medical history, physical examinations, and mental health assessments, ensures thorough evaluation for the residents of San Ramon and nearby areas.

    Should you encounter any challenges, our team is here to provide support and guidance, call us today at (925) 361-5959 for better guidance. Drive safely and confidently with your health in focus.

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