Emsculpt Body Sculpting Treatment In San Ramon, CA

Are you seeking ways to achieve your ideal body without rigorous workouts and diet plans? At San Ramon Urgent Care, we are proud to offer an innovative and advanced solution to help meet your desired goals. Dr. Rajesh and his team provides Emsculpt body sculpting treatment in San Ramon, CA.

Our treatments can effectively burn fat and tone your muscles, offering satisfactory results within a few sessions. You can trust us to provide you with top-notch services that boost your health and overall well-being.

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    How Does Emsculpt Work

    Emsculpt is a revolutionary technology that uses high-intensity focused electromagnetics or HIFEM. This procedure catalyzes about 20,000 muscle contractions per session, which is equivalent to an intense workout. As a result, it efficiently burns body fat and increases muscle strength.

    Emsculpt body sculpting in San Ramon, CA, also tones the shape of your body. When combined with routine workouts, this treatment can offer great benefits in terms of health and fitness.

    Emsculpt Body Sculpting Treatment

    It is a great option for new moms who want to lose post-pregnancy fat and tone their body shape. With our personalized plans, we can help you achieve your target goals.

    Benefits of Emsculpt Body Sculpting

    We recommend Emsculpt body sculpting treatment in San Ramon, CA, to those who want to shed fat and increase muscle mass. It offers many benefits, which include:

    • Non-invasive procedure: Emsculpt is a safe procedure for all body types. It does not use lasers, needles, or liposuction devices, and the process has zero risk of complications.
    • Short sessions: Each session of this treatment takes 30 minutes, which stimulates nearly 20,000 contractions. It burns excess fat and increases muscle mass.
    • Comfortable: The sessions of this treatment are pain-free and relaxing. Instead of grueling gym workouts and aerobic exercises, this procedure can help you achieve your goals with much less effort.
    • Impressive results: This treatment can increase your fat metabolism and burn excess fat within a few weeks. Additionally, it increases your muscle strength and boosts your energy levels. You can see the visible transformation after a few sessions.

    Treatment Procedure

    The process will start with a consultation, during which our specialist will inquire about your targets and treatment expectations. We will also analyze your body weight, shape, and areas with excess fat to determine the right frequency of sessions.

    One session of Emsculpt body sculpting treatment in San Ramon, CA, takes 30 minutes. The HIFEM™ technology stimulates muscle contractions, effectively strengthening your muscles and toning body fat. After the treatment, we will clean the target areas and provide helpful aftercare tips.

    Depending on your body weight and other factors, we will schedule a few more sessions to help you achieve your target. We will also recommend some guidelines after treatment so that you can maintain the results for a long time.

    Questions About Emsculpt Body Sculpting Treatment?

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