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Losing hair is a natural occurrence, but some individuals may have a serious case of hair loss, impacting their appearance and confidence. At San Ramon Urgent Care, we offer advanced hair restoration solutions in San Ramon, CA that can visibly transform your look within a few sessions. Dr. Rajesh Maheshwari provides personalized consultations to determine the best treatments for your hair loss.

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    Causes of Hair Loss

    On average, most people lose nearly 100 strands of hair every day. It is completely normal and facilitates new hair growth. However, excessive hair loss can occur due to different factors, including genetic, medical, or behavioral conditions.

    Some of the common causes of hair loss include:

    • Stress
    • Hormonal changes
    • Iron or Vitamin D deficiency
    • Hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism
    • Weak immune system
    Hair Restoration

    Hair loss increases drastically as you age. Early hair loss is more frequent among men, but it can also impact women. Loss of natural hair can be extremely distressing for most people, as it affects their cosmetic appeal.

    Thankfully, we can boost your appearance and self-esteem with our hair restoration services in San Ramon, CA. Our specialists will determine the most effective measures to restore your hair volume.

    Personalized Consultation for Hair Restoration

    Whether you are seeking effective solutions for a receding hairline or want to prevent future thinning, our facility offers targeted approaches to treat your hair loss. Our specialist will have a detailed consultation with you, during which we will discuss your concerns and treatment expectations.

    We understand that every individual has unique concerns, which is why we offer personalized solutions for hair loss. After a comprehensive evaluation, our San Ramon, CA, team will recommend professional hair restoration options and explain their procedures.

    Treatments may include non-invasive or surgical options, depending on your needs. A thorough consultation with our specialist will help you determine the most suitable treatment for hair loss.

    Hair Restoration Treatments in San Ramon, CA

    Our advanced care facility offers the latest treatments for hair restoration. Some types of hair loss can benefit from oral or topical medications. As a non-invasive hair loss treatment, we offer microneedling with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) that can facilitate the growth of healthy hair.

    We also specialize in modern hair transplant options, including follicular unit extraction (FUE) and NeoGraft. The treatments are equally effective for both men and women. They restore healthy hair volume without damaging your scalp or healthy hair follicles.

    Depending on the severity of your hair loss and desired goals, we will determine the number of sessions you will require for treatment. Our skilled and compassionate team will walk you through every step of the procedure to ensure your comfort and satisfaction.

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