IV Infusions in San Ramon, CA

At San Ramon Urgent Care & Clinic, we provide comfortable and convenient services to help you maintain your health at its best. Dr. Rajesh Maheshwari and his team offer intravenous (IV) infusions in San Ramon, CA, to replenish your body’s vital needs and enable faster recovery.

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    What Are IV Infusions

    IV infusion is the most effective way to deliver fluids, medications, and other essential nutrients directly into the bloodstream. By this technique, the substances travel faster through your circulatory system and speed up the recovery process.

    During the process of IV infusions, our San Ramon, CA, team will insert a cannula into a vein, usually in the crook of your arm. It is then connected to an IV bag, which delivers the fluids directly into your blood vein. It is a routinely performed procedure with little to no complications.

    IV Infusions

    What Are IV Infusions Used For

    Compared to oral medications, IV therapy acts much faster, as it surpasses the digestive system and reaches the bloodstream. With IV infusions in San Ramon, CA, we can treat:

    • Dehydration: Severe dehydration due to loss of body fluids can cause many complications, but we can replenish your hydration levels by administering fluids.
    • Pain: Many acute and chronic medical conditions present with pain. Direct administration of painkillers through an IV line can provide immediate relief.
    • Medical conditions: We can deliver medications for gastric, heart, blood, or other conditions through IV infusion. They get absorbed at a much faster rate than oral medicines.
    • Malnutrition: If you are lacking essential nutrients or have vitamin deficiencies, we can enhance your health with IV therapy. It can be customized to fulfill your specific needs.
      Blood loss: Certain cases may require blood transfusion to restore the lost blood volume, which can be safely performed through IV infusion.

    Steps We Take for IV Infusions in San Ramon

    If you are in need of IV infusions, our doctor will first examine your hand or arm to select a vein for cannula insertion. If the veins are difficult to find, we may use a vein scanner or ultrasound to guide the needle.

    We will then sanitize the selected area with an alcohol wipe. Gradually, we will insert a thin needle into the vein that is connected to a cannula. Once the cannula is in place, we will secure it using adhesive tapes.

    The cannula is connected to an IV bag that contains fluids, medications, or nutrients. Depending on your needs, we will adjust the flow rate of the IV drip. Our staff will also monitor your vitals and the cannula site to ensure that there is no pain or swelling in the area.

    Once the IV infusion is complete, we will detach the cannula and apply pressure over the area to control bleeding. Our team will place a dressing and secure it with adhesive tape.

    Questions About IV Infusions?

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