Migraine Treatment in San Ramon, CA

What are Common Causes of Migraine Pain?

Many people do not know what causes their intense migraine pain. Some experience migraines with little to no warning, while others know what triggers will cause intense migraine pain. Emotional trauma, bright lights, flashing lights, temperature changes, and strong odors are just a few of the most common triggers many patients claim cause their migraine pain.

Those who know what their triggers are can take the necessary steps to avoid them. For those who do not know what their triggers are, keeping a detailed journal may be able to provide both their doctor and themselves valuable answers.


How are Migraines Often Treated?

Migraines are often the result of tightly constricted blood vessels in the brain. Vasodilators may be prescribed to reopen or dilate the blood vessels, increasing blood flow to the brain and helping to relieve both the pain and inflammation. There are other medications as well, that are designed to help control both the frequency as well as the intensity of the pain. Migraines can last for a few hours or several days so it is important to find a medication that can help to control the pain while restoring some degree of quality of life. Many times the treatment will depend on the trigger that is causing the pain.

Can Migraine Pain be the Result of a Neck or Spine Injury?

Can Migraine Pain be the Result of a Neck or Spine Injury?

Neck and spine injuries that result in inflammation that travels up into the neck and the base of the spine can cause headache pain. If the damage is severe enough, it can result in migraine type pain. Swelling in the neck and lower portion of the skull can put pressure on the blood vessels that lead to and from the brain.

If the pressure remains constant, the blood flow may gradually be reduced to the point where the brain does not get sufficient amounts of oxygen or the nutrients it needs to thrive. Reducing the swelling will help to restore circulation through the neck and up into the head. Once sufficient blood flow is re-established most types of headache pain will be relieved.

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