Pre-employment Work Physicals in San Ramon, CA

Secure Your Future Employment with Comprehensive Work Physicals

Starting on a new job? Ensure a healthy start with our Pre-employment Work Physicals at San Ramon Urgent Care and Clinic. We prioritize your well-being, offering thorough assessments to support your journey into the workforce.

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    Why Choose Our Pre-employment Work Physicals?

    • Thorough Health Assessments

    Our expert healthcare professionals conduct comprehensive evaluations, assessing your overall health to meet the specific requirements of your prospective employer.

    Pre-employment Work Physicals
    • Efficient and Timely Services

    We understand the urgency of pre-employment requirements. Our streamlined process ensures quick and efficient examinations, getting you ready for your new position promptly.

    • Customized for Various Industries

    Tailored to meet industry-specific needs, our pre-employment work physicals address the unique health and safety concerns associated with diverse professions.

    What’s Included in Our Work Physicals

    • Physical Examinations

    Our detailed physical examinations cover vital aspects, ensuring you meet the health standards necessary for your chosen job.

    • Immunizations and Vaccinations

    Stay up-to-date with required vaccinations, fostering a healthy work environment and protecting yourself and your colleagues.

    • Drug and Alcohol Testing

    Employers often require substance abuse screenings. Our facility provides reliable and confidential testing to fulfill these requirements.

    • Vision and Hearing Tests

    Ensure optimal sensory function with our vision and hearing assessments, meeting job-specific criteria.

    How to Schedule Your Pre-employment Work Physical

    • Contact Us: Reach out to San Ramon Urgent Care and Clinic to schedule your pre-employment work physical.
    • Provide Employer Requirements: Bring any necessary paperwork or requirements provided by your prospective employer.
    • Comprehensive Assessment: Undergo a thorough examination, including necessary tests and screenings.
    • Receive Results: Get timely results to share with your employer, ensuring a smooth transition into your new position.
    Questions About Pre-employment Work Physicals?

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    It was nice to find a place open on a weekend. I was seen on time, they accepted my insurance, the physician and staff were both personable and professional with my care. I would gladly use this office again.

    Arlene Reeves

    I would highly recommend. Being from out of town, you never know what you're going to get, but I've been here twice, both with excellent results.

    Jennifer Gentry-Saulski

    Dr Raj is very caring and hear what you problems are and advice accordingly. It is so close to freeway with plenty of parking (Which we really want when in urgency ) - Great Staff

    Deepak Goklani

    Your Gateway to a Healthy Career

    Invest in your future employment success with San Ramon Urgent Care and Clinic. Our pre-employment work physicals in San Ramon, CA, set the foundation for a healthy and prosperous career. Contact us today at (925) 361-5959 to schedule your appointment.

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