Pre-Surgical Clearance in San Ramon, CA

Before undergoing a surgical procedure, Dr. Rajesh Maheshwari and his team at San Ramon Urgent Care & Clinic perform a detailed evaluation to ensure that patients are in the best possible condition. We offer comprehensive pre-surgical clearance in San Ramon, CA, to eliminate the chance of complications during or after surgery.

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    What is a Pre-Surgical Clearance

    Many patients suffer from serious illnesses or medical conditions that cannot be resolved with medications or conservative measures. They require surgical intervention to regain their health. However, before any surgery, it is important to undergo a pre-surgical evaluation.

    Pre-Surgical Clearance
    The purpose of performing a pre-surgical clearance in San Ramon, CA, is to detect any possible risk factors that may impact the treatment’s success or cause complications. During this evaluation, our professionals will review your medical history, carry out a physical exam, and run some lab tests, including blood work or imaging tests.

    What Happens During a Pre-Surgical Clearance in San Ramon, CA

    Our state-of-the-art practice offers comprehensive medical assessments that are tailored to the specific needs and medical conditions of each patient. Generally, it includes:

    • Review of medical history: We will first evaluate your medical and family history. It will include questions regarding your current conditions, medications, allergies, and past surgeries.
    • Physical examination: Our team will conduct a detailed physical exam to assess your general health. We will also keep an eye out for conditions or factors that may impact the success of the surgery.
    • Lab tests: Depending on your medical condition and the type of surgery, you may need to have some lab tests. They may include blood work, blood sugar tests, urine tests, LFTs, RFTs, or other tests.
    • Imaging tests: To analyze your health in further detail, we may require some imaging studies such as X-rays or CT scans.

    Preparing For a Pre-Surgical Clearance

    Before the day of your scheduled pre-surgical clearance, our San Ramon, CA, specialists will give you certain instructions to prepare for pre-surgical clearance.

    We recommend wearing easy and comfortable clothes for your appointment. List your current medications or supplements and mention them to our doctor during your visit.

    Some imaging studies or lab tests may require you to fast for a few hours. In that case, we will let you know beforehand. Make sure to follow the instructions as mentioned to achieve accurate test results.

    What to Expect From the Results

    After the pre-surgical evaluation, our medical professionals will review the test results and provide a detailed report to your surgeon. If we detect any abnormalities in the reports, we will discuss those concerns with you and suggest the best strategies to address them prior to your surgery.

    It is essential to have a clearance before any kind of surgery to ensure that you are in the best possible health. With this step, we can also enhance the success of your treatment.

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