Primary care is the first care a patient gets from a health care provider. The care can be in the form of treatment or consultation. A care provider examines and suggests care and treatment to the patient to maintain overall health. The doctor also provides all the information to the patient for a quick recovery and better health. With time, the doctor becomes aware of your medical history and treats you accordingly. As a result, your trust in the doctors improves with each visit. At San Ramon Urgent Care & Clinic, the health care providers ensure to provide you all the necessary treatment. This helps you maintain good overall health and makes you stay hale and hearty.

primary health care

What and why of primary care?

The aim of primary care is the improved health of the patient. The doctors at San Ramon Urgent Care & Clinic ensure to take all the necessary steps to treat the patients. The doctors also make an early diagnosis of any disease. The physician takes care of the overall health of the patient and does not focus on a single disease. Therefore, the patient does not need to visit the hospital for every health concern. However, a primary care doctor has very general knowledge about all illnesses. Therefore needs the help of experts at times.

Primary care- A long term relationship

The doctor, during primary care, examines the patients and performs routine screenings. He/ she gathers information from the patient to maintain a proper medical record. The patient during this process can ask any questions or share any concerns he/ she might have. The regular visits to the same primary care provider build a good understanding between the doctor and the patient. The practitioner gathers the information that helps him/ her know the patient better. This helps the doctor to treat the patient in the best possible way.

Treatment under primary care

Treatment under primary care

A primary care doctor treats a range of  health concerns. Therefore, the doctor does only an initial treatment and  suggests him/her to a specialist, if  needed. The connections of the primary care provider with the specialists will save a patient’s time in finding a specialist on their own.

All the primary health care doctors ensure to provide the best treatment by keeping a medical record. A strong relationship between the doctor and the patient would help the patients share the concerns openly with the doctor.

Good health plays a vital role in a person’s professional or personal life. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of one’s health and to have a medical professional who knows all about your medical history. This helps in the timely diagnosis and treatment of any disease. So if you want your health concerns addressed timely, visit our clinics in San Ramon, Manteca, or Lathrop, and our experts will take care of all your medical concerns. For further information, call us.

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