Sinusitis in San Ramon, CA

Sinus infections are very common and affect around 31 million people in the US every year. At San Ramon Urgent Care, Dr. Rajesh Maheshwari and his team provide effective treatment and management for sinusitis in San Ramon, CA. You can count on our professional team when it comes to your health and wellness.

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    What Is Sinusitis

    Sinusitis is an inflammatory condition that affects the inner lining of your sinuses. Our facial skeleton has small spaces known as sinuses that are filled with air. If the thin tissue lining inside the sinuses becomes inflamed, it can lead to severe pain and distress.

    Typically, there are three main types of sinusitis, which include:

    • Acute sinusitis: It often occurs as a result of common viral infections. In this condition, the symptoms develop spontaneously and last for 2 to 3 weeks.
    • Chronic sinusitis: The symptoms of this condition can last 12 weeks or longer. It is usually caused by bacteria or fungi.
    • Recurrent sinusitis: In this type, you may develop recurrent symptoms four or more times per year that may last less than two weeks.

    Symptoms of Sinusitis

    The symptoms of this disease vary from person to person, and they can be similar to those of other respiratory illnesses. Common symptoms include:

    • Runny nose with thick mucus
    • Post-nasal drip
    • Stuffy nose
    • Pressure in the sinuses
    • Headaches
    • Tenderness in the areas around the nose
    • Loss of smell
    • Swelling around the eyes
    • Fever
    • Ear pressure
    • Pressure on back teeth
    • Bad breath
    • Sore throat

    If you experience a few or more of these sinusitis symptoms, consult our San Ramon specialist for proper care and treatment.

    How is a Sinus Infection Diagnosed

    Our medical team will evaluate your history and symptoms. During your visit, we will also examine the inside of your nose using a small instrument called an endoscope.

    To determine the exact cause of sinusitis, our San Ramon, CA, team will recommend some tests. These may include a nasal swab, allergy test, or imaging techniques to assess the severity of your condition.

    Treatment for Sinusitis in San Ramon, CA

    In most cases, sinusitis is caused by viral infections that resolve on their own in less than two weeks. However, many people suffer from pain and nasal congestion during this period, which can impact their routine activities. We will prescribe over-the-counter pain medications and nasal decongestants to counter these symptoms.

    Our doctor may also recommend some home care tips to reduce nasal congestion. The best way to recover from a viral sinus infection is to rest well and maintain your hydration level by drinking plenty of fluids.

    If you suffer from bacterial sinusitis, we will prescribe antibiotics. You must follow the course of medication as recommended without skipping a dose.

    Questions About Sinusitis?

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