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Can STDs be Prevented?

Most sexually transmitted diseases can be prevented through abstinence and practicing safe sex. Wearing a condom during sexual intercourse is one of the most effective ways of managing the spread of many sexually transmitted diseases.

Although they may not prevent the transmission of disease when it comes to oral sex, they are extremely effective in terms of vaginal and anal intercourse. If a person is truly trying to prevent receiving an STD, abstinence is the only way to guarantee good health. Limiting the number of sexual partners is also beneficial. Knowing your partner and their lifestyle is also beneficial.


Sexually Transmitted Diseases

How are STDs Treated?

Most types of sexually transmitted diseases that are bacterial in nature can effectively be treated through the use of antibiotics. Sexually transmitted diseases that are viral in nature, like herpes and HIV/AIDS have no known cure. Treating these types of STDs involves managing the symptoms and controlling possible outbreaks. It is important to abstain from any type of sexual activity during an outbreak. The treatment of these symptoms will depend on their nature. Rashes and lesions are normally treated with topical ointments and creams, while other symptoms are treated with oral medications.

Common Symptoms of STDs?

What are Common Symptoms of STDs?

The most common symptoms of many STDs include genital itching, painful intercourse, rashes, lesions on the skin, and a low-grade fever. Different sexually transmitted diseases can cause a variety of symptoms. Individuals who have a weakened immune system, like those with HIV/AIDS may have symptoms that are more severe and escalate much faster than someone who is otherwise healthy.

Many STDs offer no symptoms at all until they have progressed to a certain stage. Many people can be infected for several years before showing even the slightest symptom. It is for this reason that doctors recommend annual STD testing at each wellness checkup.

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