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When an unexpected illness or injury arises, urgent care provides a means of obtaining swift medical care outside of an emergency room setting. San Ramon Urgent Care & Clinic offers a wide range of medical services, but urgent care is the foundation that the practice is built upon.

Urgent Care Q & A

by Rajesh Maheshwari, MD

What is urgent care and how does it differ from emergency room treatment?

Urgent care is a health option that falls somewhere between a visit to the emergency room and an appointment with one’s primary care physician. When an individual is experiencing a condition that demands immediate medical treatment but is not life-threatening, then urgent care is likely the best available option. It should be noted that while the emergency room is the right choice for severe injuries and life-threatening conditions such as heart attack or stroke, there is also a serious risk of infection that comes with a visit to the emergency room. Much research has focused on the particularly virile viruses and bacteria that reside within a hospital setting, due to the fact that more people seek treatment for serious infections at emergency rooms.

What kinds of health issues are best suited for urgent care treatment?

When it comes to determining whether to visit the emergency room or an urgent care center, it is helpful to think about whether or not the situation is life-threatening. Matters such as significant chest pain, a compound fracture or uncontrollable bleeding would all be better suited for an ER visit. There are a number of lesser medical needs that could be adequately addressed in urgent care. Examples are discomfort or pain associated with cold or flu symptoms, sprains and muscle strains, various types of wounds, skin rash or hives or difficult in a number of bodily functions. It is always possible to call in with any questions before coming to urgent care.

What are the benefits of using urgent care as a treatment source?

One of the biggest advantages that urgent care facilities offer to patients lies in the ease of obtaining care. When a person goes to the ER for needs that are not life-threatening, they will be seen in the order of urgency. That means that a patient could be left sitting in the waiting room for hours while more severe medical needs are addressed. Urgent care is often less expensive than an emergency room visit, and San Ramon Urgent Care & Clinic also accepts many different types of insurance.

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