Weight Management Treatment in San Ramon, CA

Who doesn’t want to stay healthy and look good?

A healthy person with an ideal weight often gets the advantage of living life as per his/her own terms. However, our busy routine brings a lot of changes to our lifestyle which affects our weight. Therefore, managing one’s weight is one of the major concerns in America.
Every 1 out of 3 gets affected by a few extra pounds, making some of them obese. The weight management doctors at San Ramon Urgent care and Clinic provide you a program that would help not only to reduce but also maintain the weight.

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    Importance of weight management?

    It is a practice that helps a person to maintain the ideal weight calculated as per Body Mass Index (BMI). It is a general idea that obese people need weight management programs. However, this is only one of the wonders of weight management programs. The programs require a person to completely change their lifestyle. They need to shift from unhealthy eating habits to a healthy eating routine. However, identifying the factor affecting weight management is necessary for a smooth process.

    Weight Management

    Difference between Overweight and Obesity

    The two terms, though not poles apart and still not quite similar. For identifying whether a person is underweight, overweight, or is obese BMI is calculated. A BMI above 30 would make a person obese. However, even if the person has not crossed the limit of obesity he/she can opt for weight management programs offered at San Ramon Urgent Care and Clinic.

    Obesity and its associated risks

    An increase in weight does not come alone. Rather, several health problems are given as free gifts with every pound that is increased. Overweight men, women, or teens all have chances of heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure, back pain, and joint pain. Before the problems become worse, it is wise to follow a weight management program. This will help people to maintain a healthy weight in contrast to reduced weight. Experts at San Ramon Urgent Care and Clinic guide you on how to follow a weight management program to stay healthy.

    What San Ramon Urgent Care and Clinic offers?

    Those who suffer from obesity or overweight issue, most of them try reducing their weight on their own. With high spirits, they start their diet with a promise to continue it till they have not reached their goal. However, very few succeed to reach their desired result without a medically supervised weight management program. This demotivates most of the people and they leave the urge to reduce weight.

    The problem is not in the desire to lose weight. Instead, it is in the weight management strategies that they use. But at San Ramon Urgent Care and Clinic, the doctors will supervise you to follow the program without losing your hopes.

    One shoe cannot fit all. Therefore, our doctors begin the process by taking a physical exam and complete medical history. They then prepare a suitable weight management program accordingly. With our weight management program, you will see a changed version of yourself that you would love to maintain. The doctors at our urgent care, replace your regular meals with healthy and nutritious meals. You would get to eat a balanced diet rather than a reduced diet.

    Questions About Weight Management?

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    The visible results of our weight management program

    Everyone who opts for a weight management program wishes to see quick results. They cannot wait to see how their transformed version would look. However, we need to be patient while following a weight management program. The results are dependent on the starting point and will vary from person to person. Age and commitment to follow the program correctly all have an impact on the desired results. However, a medically supervised weight at San Ramon Urgent Care and Clinic will take care of the health concerns of people. The experts will advise a program that suits best for you.

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