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What does a women’s health exam consist of?

At San Ramon Urgent Care & Clinic, a women’s health exam consists of two main parts: The pelvic exam and the clinical breast exam. The goal of these tests is to verify your current state of health and check for possible health issues.

The exam also includes a discussion of overall health, help with birth control and family planning, and other types of customized care as needed. Tests such as pap smears and STD screenings can also be done during your women’s health exam if needed. Dr. Maheshwari may also recommend that you schedule a mammogram following your clinical breast exam.


How often do you need to have a women’s health exam?

Most women should have a women’s health exam once a year. Patients who have dealt with severe health problems, especially reproductive system issues, may need to see Dr. Maheshwari more often for health monitoring.

Do you need a pap smear at every women’s health exam?

Most patients need to have pap smears only once every three years, and older patients may be able to have them less often than that as recommended by Dr. Maheshwari.If you had an abnormal pap smear result at your last women’s health exam, Dr. Maheshwari might suggest doing another pap smear to monitor your condition

What are your birth control options?

What are your birth control options?

Your women’s health exam is the ideal time to discuss birth control and family planning with Dr. Maheshwari. Options include:

  • Birth control implants
  • Birth control injections
  • Permanent birth control such as Essure®
  • IUDs, including copper and hormonal IUDs
  • Oral contraceptives, including the traditional pill and the mini pill

The options above are some of the most effective options, but you also have other alternatives. Your birth control choices are entirely up to you, and Dr. Maheshwari will help you find the right option based on your needs and wishes.

Dr. Maheshwari is an experienced physician who delivers all care with compassion. You can easily use the online appointment maker to schedule your women’s health exam now.

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