At some point, all of us have suffered from sharp or dull pain behind the eye making mundane tasks difficult. Usually, the eye pain is accompanied with a severe episode of headache, fever, redness, itching, blurred vision, pressure behind the eyes, etc.
Usually, pain behind the eye does not need medical intervention. However, there are such conditions that may require emergency attention. Therefore do not idly sit back in such a case scenario; schedule a checkup for proper understanding of the problem. If you suffer from a pain impulse behind the eye, then this blog is for you.

10 Reasons Why You Have Sharp Pain Behind Your Eye

1. Compromised Vision

If an individual suffers from vision defects, such as nearsightedness/ farsightedness or astigmatism, headache behind the eye is very common since you are squinting and forced focus, and your brain is constantly working for impairment compensation.

2. Eye Dryness

If stabbing pain and pressure behind your eye start randomly, the reason could be dryness. This condition is known as dry eye syndrome. It is a common occurrence in which an adequate amount of tears are not produced for moistening the eye. Additionally, dryness causes light sensitivity and frequent headaches in the eyes.

3. Sinus Infection

Sinus infection is also termed sinusitis, i.e., inflammation of the sinus tissues. The obstruction causes stingy sharp pain behind the eye and temple. The pressure in the eye decreases the quality of life. During sinus infection, you may have these symptoms as well:

  • Stuffy nose
  • Upper teeth pain
  • Fatigue

4. Tension Headache

It might seem the least important but, in fact, is one of the most common reasons why people have pain behind their eyes. It is an underrated cause that needs recognition; in this fast-paced world, tension is the main cause of headaches.

5. Cluster Headache

Accumulation of short, painful headache episodes is termed cluster headaches. This type is not very common. The time span extends from 10-15 minutes to 1 hour. The pressure and pain it causes are severe and piercing-like. One of the distinct indications of this headache includes excess tear production.

6. Optic Neuritis

Optic neuritis negatively impacts the eye and vision power, and the reason is inflammation of the optic nerve. Their function is to send messages to the brain for image interpretation. Inflammation hampers this function resulting in blurred vision.

7. Sclera Pain

The sclera is the white layer around the pupil of your eye. Inflamed sclera causes sharp eye pain turning them red and light-sensitive.

8. Migraine

Migraine is most likely to cause extreme pain and pressure behind one eye. They are the worst kind of headache because even one event can last from a few hours to several days. Migraine is very severe and greatly disrupts normal life.

9. Aneurysm

If your left eye is affected only and is having sudden pain stings, the condition is known as a brain aneurysm; the blood vessels bulge out and may burst.

10. Intraocular Pressure

IOP or intraocular pressure is the fluid pressure inside the eye; when the fluid secretion is more than normal, the pressure increases, causing pain and vision loss, turning them swollen, red, and itchy.

Pain in the eye may be moderate or severe; in case it becomes unbearable, rush to San Ramon Urgent Care for emergency relief. Visit us as per your convenience; we are located in San Ramon 925 361 5959 Manteca 209 825 5155 or Lathrop 209 983 9000.

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