Do you remember pressing down on a wiggly tooth with your tongue when you were a child, trying to get it to break off? Well, most kids do that right before their baby tooth falls out. However, did you know that even adults can get a wobbly tooth from time to time? Although, of course, that is not normal. The feeling that your tooth is loose but still attached is an indication that you need to visit your dentist for a serious check-up.

Why is My Tooth Loose, Yet Still Attached to the Gums?

Adult teeth are not supposed to fall off, nor should they feel loose. Instead, they’re supposed to stay intact with your gums. So, if you ever feel like your tooth is loose, it could signify serious oral disease. In addition, women can get a wobbly tooth during pregnancy or menopause. Nonetheless, the biggest reason behind a loose tooth is neglecting your oral health. Poor dental hygiene causes plenty of problems in adults in the long run. Here are some of the other common culprits that can cause your tooth to shift from its permanent position:

1. Blunt Force Trauma
An injury or blunt force can cause your tooth to give way. If the impact is strong, the tooth might come off on its own or remain hanging by its roots.

2. Gum Disease
Periodontal diseases occur when your gums have been severely inflamed or infected. Swelling and redness are common symptoms. But you might also experience sharp bursts of pain or the occasional bleeding. If the infected area is left untreated for long, it could cause your gums to pull away from the teeth and leave them vulnerable.

3. Pregnancy and Menopause
Hormonal imbalance plays a huge role in shaping the body’s cycle. During pregnancy, estrogen levels shoot up, leading your jawbone to lose its grip. Whereas on the other hand, during menopause, estrogen levels decrease. This causes teeth to lose their overall density.

4. Receding Gums
A severe case of gingivitis could cause your gums to recede. When this happens, the roots of your teeth are exposed. This leaves them susceptible to any harm, especially since they lose their center of gravity. Plus, it could also leave them partially hanging.

5. Teeth Grinding
Grinding teeth is a terrible habit in general. Not only does it result in your jaw popping out of place, but it also loosens your teeth from their established position.

Treatment Options for a Loose Tooth

In case of a broken tooth that is loose but still attached or any other type of wobbly tooth, do not try to fix it yourself. Instead, seek professional dental care. Chances are, your dentist will suggest you the following treatments:

  • Tooth Extraction
  • Dental Implants
  • Bone Grafting
  • Dental Veneers or Crowns
  • Scaling & Root Planing
  • Flap Surgery
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy

In The End
All in all, if you find your tooth to be loose but still attached, get urgent dental care. A dentist will help to diagnose according to the severity of the case and recommend proper treatment. For further information, reach out to San Ramon Urgent Care & Clinic. You can contact us at (925) 361-5959 (San Ramon), (209) 825-5155 (Manteca), or (209) 983-9000 (Lathrop).

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