Losing weight before pregnancy is not only important for your health and complication-free pregnancy period, but also for the health of your child. Unhealthy weight during pregnancy increases the chances of various complications, such as:

• Risk of miscarriage or stillbirth
• Gestational diabetes
• Sleep disorder
• Cardiac dysfunction
• Difficult vaginal delivery

Having a healthy body weight before pregnancy can not only increase your chance of getting pregnant and also promise you a healthy body afterward.

The following steps can help you in losing weight before pregnancy:

1. Figure out how much weight you need to lose. Setting a target to lose specific ponds per week can help you to work-out better and achieve visible results. Focus on losing 2 pounds per week as a safe target.

2. The other main factor of weight loss is controlling your diet. It would help if you cut down certain diets such as crash diets, fad diets any other imbalanced diet.

3. Cut down your calorie intake by eating less. Reduce the amount of food you are eating right now. For example, if your intake is 2500 calories, cutting down on 1000 calories per day would help to lose 2 pounds per week.

4. Add some exercises to your daily routine. If it is not easy for you to cut down 1000 calories by not eating, then take the alternative to burn the rest with exercises. Start slowly with the exercises; don’t rush for an hour-long session the first day. Start with maybe 10 or 20 minutes a day then increase the length and intensity of exercises over time.

5. Visit a nutritionist or your family doctor. They may recommend certain supplements and diet plans according to your health and post-pregnancy period.

For further details and suggestions of medical staff, visit San Ramon Urgent Care & Clinic, we will be happy to assist you.

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