Our body uses a naturally occurring substance called hydroxyapatite to strengthen bones and teeth, which is a type of calcium phosphate. Sometimes unusual amounts of calcium phosphate deposit in the soft tissues of the body due to which bumps can form on the skin.


Calcium bumps or deposits often occur without any warning. They might indicate the presence of a medical condition.

The primary symptom is the appearance of pimples like bumps. They have the following characteristics:

• Have various sizes and shapes and often appear in clusters.
• They can appear anywhere on the body but are seen most commonly on elbows, fingers, or shins.
• They can also cause swelling and pain in the affected area.
• A white substance will ooze out if you try to pop it.

The two types of deposits are:

Dystrophic calcinosis It can occur in a tissue that is damaged or inflamed. The conditions leading to this type of deposit are:

• Acne
• Tumors
• Skin injury or infections too

Metastatic calcinosis can be a result of conditions related to excess phosphorus and calcium such as:

• Kidney failure
• Excess vitamin D


Several treatments are available depending upon the condition of the patient. These include:

• Use of medicine to reduce swelling
• Likewise, the doctors might prescribe medicines to treat blood clots
• Use of light energy to dissolve calcium bumps
• Moreover, surgery may be required to remove the bumps

In short, if you feel like you have bumps on your skin, consult your doctor and get the treatment as soon as possible. Our doctors at San Ramon Urgent Care & Clinic are always ready to take care of you during these kinds of medical concerns. Our team of experts can evaluate your condition and treat you accordingly. For more information and to book an online appointment, visit our website.

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