Our body has its unique ways of telling when something is going off in the body. The telltale indicators are tongue, poop, and urine. When you find something unusual such as black specks in your stool, do not panic and stay calm. We understand that a lack of knowledge may lead to distress. This is what we are here for, to clear your doubts and speculations.

Black Specks In Stool

There is a difference between an entirely black stool or having spots in it. A black stool is not in general because of a medical condition, but mainly due to the medicines or diet of that individual.

In case something is not right physiologically in the body, then your stool or poop will have black specks on it. Although what you are seeing might not be because of the GI – gastrointestinal tract, but you should still go to a gastroenterologist for a checkup.

Causes of Black Specks In Stool

The black spots in poop you see may be due to the following reasons:


Some foods contain ingredients that may cause black spots to appear in your stool in case of improper digestion. Such items include black pepper, bananas, paprika, etc.

Moreover, certain dark-pigmented fruits or veggies may also discolor your poop to have black spots them. Blueberries, figs, cherries, and plums are some of the fruits that may stain the stool. Other times, the dark spots you spot may be a presence of undigested seeds.

Junk Food

A large portion of junk food comprises high sugar, salts, and fats that work to turn the poop back in color, initiating mild diarrhea. The alkaline fluid bile aids in digestion; it is naturally dark.

When a person has diarrhea, bile expels from the system hastily before breaking down. Therefore, the bowel movement ends up with the black dots on the stool.

Excessive Fiber

Excess fiber induces rapid bowel movement that leads to premature bile secretion in the poop. You can combine fibrous foods with protein and carbs. This will decrease fiber intake per meal.


Usually, iron supplements are the reason why you see black dots in your stool. But do not worry since it is a good sign to see such specks in poop as it shows good absorption of iron in the body.

Antibiotics or Antifungal

Some drugs to treat bacterial or fungal infections may be your answer to the black specks in your stool. The dark spots you see in the waste matter may be the dead parasites or bacteria being expelled from your gastrointestinal tract.

GI Bleeding

If your poop has distinct red color spots in it then it means that your lower GI is bleeding. This is because the blood that passes through is not digested in the stomach.

IBS – Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome

Bleeding in poop may be a symptom of IBS – inflammatory bowel syndrome that is an inflammatory disorder of the GI tract.

Colon Cancer

A dark poop may be an indicator of colon cancer as it is often related to poor diet choices. Bleeding happens due to the growth of cancer cells in the colon, leading to dark spots in the poop.

Black Specs in Stool of a Baby

The first few stools that a baby passes are called meconium and are naturally dark in color. This is because the poop they make in the womb does not have the specific bacteria which gives color to the regular poop.

Final Take Out

Usually, black spots or specks in stool are not a matter of concern since, the majority of the time, the reason is as simple as certain food you consume as a part of your diet. However, do not hesitate to reach out to a doctor from San Ramon Urgent Care if you observe these symptoms along:

  • Lightheadedness
  • Low BP
  • Greasy stools etc.

Visit us or call to make an appointment at 925 361 5959 (San Ramon), 209 825 5155 (Manteca), or 209 983 9000 (Lathrop).

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