Immigration can be a lengthy and overwhelming process. While you can expect to complete many forms, interviews, and a detailed application process, the medical portion of your immigration journey might stand out. A physical exam is required of all immigrants before they are granted green card status. But why are these exams required? Read on to learn more.

The Importance of Immigration Physicals

Immigration physicals are a very important part of American public health. During your physical, the doctor will be looking for several things. They will check to make sure you do not have illegal drugs in your system and will also check for signs of addiction. They will confirm that you have been properly vaccinated and do not have any diseases that could pose a public health risk. In general, the physical is given to ensure that you are physically and mentally fit.

What to Bring to Your Exam

Bringing the correct documents to your immigration physical will help the whole process go smoothly. Bring your passport, prescriptions, and medical documents/records from your birth country, including your birth certificate and proof of previous immunizations. You also need to bring a printed copy of Form I-693, which your doctor will fill out as proof of your exam.

Choosing a Doctor For Your Physical

San Ramon Urgent Care and Clinic are proud to offer affordable, quality immigration physicals. Our fees start at $299, and we work with patients from all backgrounds. For more information or to schedule your appointment, call us at 209-983-9000.

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